The farmers

The AWG farmers from Kitui are organized in the Kamiti CBO (Community Based Organization). This CBO emerged from the initiative of the community farmers shortly after Africa Wood Grow Foundation was established in 2014. The Kamiti CBO helps the farmers to organize themselves more professionally and therefore it provides  autonomy for the community.

The board of the CBO consists of four women. Among other tasks, they coordinate an equal number of men and women participating, how the agroforestry practices should be applied, and monitor the development of the trees by aerial pictures and measurements.

Moreover, the Kamiti CBO assists member farmers with the transition of their farming techniques from cultivating seasonal crops and goat-keeping to tree farming. Those farmers practicing agroforestry make the area more resilient. They do this mainly by giving out tree seedlings, knowledge, and technical assistance, while also coordinating the proposals initiated by the communities.

About the projects of the Kamiti CBO

The Kamiti CBO works closely with Africa Wood Grow Foundation and Limited. The role of the Kamiti CBO is to connect the farmers and implement AWG projects. Additionally, the Kamiti CBO is essential when hosting an important event or guest companies, as they are the voice of the community. For example, the Kamiti CBO gave important insights into the logistics and needs of the community during the cooperation with SASOL Foundation.

Personal stories of member farmers

The board members of the Farmers

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